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Here at Carter’s Station, early settlers discovered a fortified Indian Village.  The settlers made peace with the Indians, and established a Settlers Fort in 1783. Led by Captain John Carter, the settlers many of whom were also Carters named the fort Carter’s Station. Reverend T.S. Walker describe the site of the fort as being near a good spring which gushed over beds of yellow pebbles. 

     On September 20th, 1787, Joseph Carter, possibly a brother of John Carter, received from the state of North Carolina a land grant of 250 acres, which included the site of the fort, the cemetery, the camp meeting ground, and land on which the present church site stands. This land was sold in 1820 by Joseph Carter to John Olinger. Mr. Olinger directed in his will that the land only be rented, not sold, until his younger children were of age.

     In January 1836, the trustees of Carter’s Station meeting house and camp ground purchased nine acres of this land surrounding the meeting house for $9.00 an acre. The trustees were Benjamin Williams, David Key, Isaac Harmon, Ellis Carter, Ezekiel Carter, James Goodin and John Progue.  Today, we are thankful for the foresight of these men.  As a result of their investment, Carter's Station United Methodist Church has served this area for well over 200 years.

If you would like to read more about our history, click here for a document complied by Kimberly Shelton.

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